La Crotta De Vegneron’s seven labels, all respectful of the ancestral methods which give the distillates unique, genuine tastes.
Each grappa has its own characteristics which recall many different aromas to the nose and to the mind. Müller Thurgau grappa reminds us of ripe Williams pears; Muscat strikes us for its aromas of sage and thyme; Muscat Flétri is an intriguing and elegant mix of scents that remind of freshly picked Moscato grapes, of vanilla and of ripe apricots; and then there is Malvoisie with its floral scents and the specific note of wisteria; in the Malvoisie Flétri grappa we taste ripe apricots and peaches. Unmistakable are the wild fruits in the Fumin grappa and its spicy finish. Lastly, the Petit Rouge e Vien de nus grappa comes with a soft taste reminiscent of ripe Rennet apples and alpine hay. Grappa has always been the loyal companion of mountain dwellers: ideal digestive and clear nectar with a subtle scent and dry taste.
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