Nus Malvoisie Flétri

The Malvoisie of Nus vine boasts very ancient origins, so much so that at the beginning of the twentieth-century there was almost no trace of it. Thanks to the work of the Parish Priest of Nus, Father Pramotton, and to his passion, at the end of WW2 the production of this wine resumed. Grapes are collected in small crates. Just after collection, the drying phase starts in rooms where temperature and humidity are kept under control. After 10/15 days, drying continues in the open air for a period of 40/50 days. Wine making starts in steel tanks, where it is possible to control this delicate phase. When fermentation becomes energetic, the must-wine is poured into small barrels where it will remain for almost twelve months to complete the refinement phase.
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